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What makes madi rum cakes


Our cakes are baked to perfection with our signature ingredient, Madi Rum. Madi Rum is a Vanilla Spiced Rum that uses Fair and Direct Trade Vanilla beans that are sourced directly from the Malagasy Farmers on the island of Madagascar. Our vanilla beans are hand selected at their ripest peak for maximum vanillin content. That flavor we capture in every bottle creates an explosion of Vanilla in every bite!

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Behind the operation

Madi the Lemur is our beloved mascot and is also the Brand Ambassador for Madi’s Mission. Madi’s Mission is to raise awareness on the rapid deforestation tragedy that is happening in Madagascar. Because of ever shrinking natural habitat for lemurs they are now the most endangered mammals on earth and face extinction within the next 20-25years!! 90% of the natural forest in Madagascar has been destroyed….Help us SAVE the remaining 10%!!! A portion of each cake will go back to Madi’s Mission and help reverse the effects of the deforestation that has already been done. Get involved by visiting MadisMission.org

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Countdown until lemurs are extinct



Vanilla isn’t boring!

Did you know that Vanilla comes from an Orchid? The vanilla orchid blooms one day out of the year and has to be hand pollinated in Madagascar. If the orchid is not pollinated by the early afternoon the orchid wilts and cannot be pollinated till the following year. It can take up to eight months for a pod to be ready for harvest once the orchid is successfully pollinated. And an additional month of curing the beans by sunlight once they are picked.

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